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RHS ENGINEERING SERVICES provides CAD/CAM/CAE services to organizations that wish to leverage our core strengths in delivering world-class solutions. We are committed to providing quality solutions that are at par with, if not more than, our clients’ requirements. Hence we are entirely focused on our traditional strengths in CAD/CAM/CAE. We have domain expertise in Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Ansys, AutoCAD, etc for providing services in the following areas.
  • Drawing conversion & Digitization
  • Product Design
  • 3D modeling & Detailing
  • FEA
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • CNC programming & Nesting
  • Tool Design
  • Auto-nesting
Drawing conversion & Digitization -
RHS ENGINEERING SERVICES provides services for drawing conversion & Digitization. Hard copy drawings are either scanned and digitized or entirely redrawn from scratch. Sizes can vary from A0 to A4. We sincerely believe that a job well done is a client well satisfied and so extra attention is paid to ensure that our drawings are error free and to achieve this, all our drawings are made to adhere to stringent quality control procedures.
Product Design -
We provide services for concept design to organizations that may want to develop a new product from scratch in the shortest time. Our engineers interact with the clients and translate the clients’ requirements and ideas into new innovative designs. Companies that do not have a dedicated CAD/CAM setup but have requirements once-in-a-while to develop new designs can contact us for more details.
3D modeling & Detailing -
We have got over 50,000 man-hours of experience in converting existing 2D drawings into 3D models. We have core competencies in Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks & SolidEdge and are confident of handling any project regardless of its magnitude. We convert existing 2D drawings into parametric 3D models in the CAD format the client requires. Then these models are detailed as per the customer’s template and made ready for production/manufacture. To ensure that our models are error free, all models and drawings are double-checked for any errors and made to pass through a complex layer of checks and measures
Our rates for modeling and detailing start from $10 per hour and depend on the complexity and duration of the project. For more details please click here.
Increasingly, companies worldwide realize the disadvantages of making costly prototypes before the actual production starts. Though physical prototypes cannot be eliminated, it can certainly be reduced using CAE solutions. We offer services for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to validate existing designs by simulating them to real-life conditions. We have expertise in Ansys, Pro/Mechanica and can carry out analyses to check for various parameters like stress concentration, maximum deflection, fatigue, etc. We also do optimization studies wherein existing designs are tweaked to obtain optimal parameters like weight, cost, while keeping the design limits in consideration. Our rates for modeling and detailing start from $20 per hour and depend on the complexity and duration of the project. For more details please click here.
Dynamic Simulation -
A typical pain area of all equipment/machine manufacturers is that their design cannot be tested for interferences while in motion until the first prototype is made. This leads to costly project over-runs and increases product cycle time. Using Computer Aided Engineering tools you can however, reduce this lag time by simulating the entire mechanism virtually. We offer solutions for simulating motion kinematics and dynamics of any machine/equipment. Real-life motion joints are mapped on to the 3D model and the simulation is then carried out, checking for dynamic interferences, impact loads, reaction forces, etc. We have expertise in sophisticated packages like Pro/ENGINEER, ADAMS, etc to carry out the simulations as per the client’s requirements. Our rates for modeling and detailing start from $20 per hour and depend on the complexity and duration of the project. For more details please click here.
CNC programming-
We offer Computer Aided Manufacturing Solutions to organizations looking to outsource their laborious task of manual part-programming for CNC Milling/Lathe machines. Using sophisticated CNC solutions, we can automate the process of generating CNC codes thereby eliminating the risks of human error, which occurs so often when the CNC code is manually created. Using our solutions means that any error that may happen due to tool gouging, improperly placed clamps, etc can easily be identified and rectified before the actual machining starts.
We can also undertake the task of customizing the client’s post processor so that the machining codes generated are compatible with the CNC machine. We offer these services for 3 to 5 axis milling and turning. Our rates for modeling and detailing start from $20 per hour and depend on the complexity and duration of the project. For more details please click here.
Tool Design-
RHS ENGINEERING SERVICES offers solutions and services to the mold & die industry as well. We can design a complete mold including the mold base and all accessories for the client. We have relevant expertise in the mold industry and apply that to create molds as per the client’s requirements. Our engineers interact with the client to understand the manufacturing methods followed and use these as guidelines to achieve the desired mold. If the client so desires, we can also generate the CNC codes for the core & cavity created.
Auto-Nesting -
A common problem with many fabricators is that the sheets from which the sheet-metal components are cut are not properly utilized. Manual placement of these sheet-metal parts result in unnecessary wastage of the plate and lower utilization of resources. We offer services to overcome this problem by using state-of-the-art packages to create nested sheets in which the parts are placed automatically. The nesting is done keeping in mind that the main consideration is that sheet wastage should be minimum. Please contact us if you have any requirement for nesting and we will strive to offer you the best solutions
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