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1) 3D model of Stacker & Loader

A leading MNC based in Kolkata availed of our services to create a new design for their Stacker & Loader product line. The Project involved the creation of a parametric 3D model of the entire equipment based on their existing hard-copy drawings. This meant converting each and every relevant hard-copy 2D drawing into 3D model. Then these individual 3D models were assembled into sub-assemblies, which were in turn, used in bigger assemblies. Once the entire 3D assembly model of the product was created, changes were made to incorporate new design features/modifications. As the entire 3D model was parametric, these changes were relatively easy to make and the new design could be created in record time. After the 3D model was modified to suit the changed design criteria, 2D detailed drawings of the components and sub-assemblies were created.

Total number of 2D drawings: 1500+
Number of persons involved in the project: 2
Software Platform: SolidWorks
Key output: 3D modeling, automatic 2D drafting
Project Duration: 8 months
Project Location: On-site atclient location

2) 3D model of Manipulator
This project involved the 3D modeling of a manipulator system. As the design was new, the client used our expertise in CAD/CAM to simulate the real-life behaviour of the system. All relevant 2D drawings were converted into 3D models. Then they were assembled as per the requirements. One special consideration was that the 3D models had to be assembled keeping in mind that there would be movement between them. Then a motion analysis was carried out to check the stability of the system and also if there were any interfering moving parts. Using advanced techniques, the effect that the motion of the system was having on the stability was simulated and relevant modifications made to improve the stability.
Total number of 2D drawings: 80
Number of persons involved in the project: 1
Software Platform: Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire
Key output: 3D modeling, Motion Simulation and Analysis
Project Duration: 3 months

3) 3D modeling and FEA of Material Handling Equipment

We have executed a project for a world-renowned European company, manufacturing material handling equipments, wherein their material handling equipment was modeled and then FEA analysis was carried out to check for safety. Complexity of the project was high as the equipment that was being analyzed is very critical to the overall safety of the entire system. Our client chose us as they felt that we could effectively understand their requirements and execute the job properly, which in the end, was done entirely to the client's satisfaction. As a result, the client has given repeat orders for modeling and FEA analysis for various other turnkey material handling projects.
Total number of 2D drawings: 15
Number of persons involved in the project: 1
Key output: 3D modeling, Finite Element Analysis
Project Duration: 1 week

4) Finite Element Analysis of Car Jack
We have done a Finite Element Analysis of a car jack for a leading OEM company in Kolkata. This client supplies the jacks to TATA Motors, Maruti, etc. Our brief was to test and optimize their existing design of car jack. The 3D modeling was done by the client so our part was to carry out the analysis. The FEA was done using Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica and various critical zones identified. Based on our clients inputs, we optimized their design for weight, by reducing the overall weight while improving the weak areas at the same time.
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